A new take on the deck-building genre, featuring the zany universe of characters as seen in the hit [adult swim]™ show.

That's right, Baby! Dandy has gone and used the Aloha Oe's broken warp drive and managed to converge every possible alternate universe into one, causing multiple copies of everyone in the known galaxies to run amok! What does this mean for our intrepid heroes? Will all semblance of civilization falls into disorder and chaos? Will the universe, under the weight of so many simultaneous timelines, implode on itself in a cosmic big bang?

Well. Maybe. But for now it means the Alien Registration Center has reset the database and is allowing new registration of all previously registered aliens! That's cold, hard Woolong just out there for the taking, Baby!

The Space Dandy: Galactic Deck-Building Game brings the bizarre space-faring antics of the hit anime from Cartoon Network's Toonami to the game table. It's sort of like other Deck-builders like Dominion and Ascension - with an extra helping of phantom space ramen goodness. Each player begins the game with the same low-powered starting cards, but through careful play, you can acquire cards to expand your options. Which cards you choose to take directly influence the kind of game you play!

Space Dandy: Galactic Deck-Building Game is the first game from game publisher, Seven Seas Games. Become a part of our dandy endeavour to bring the series you love to life in a whole new way!

Trailer video from our successfully funded Kickstarter campaign!