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Seven Seas

Shinobi 7 is a joint venture partnership between two industry-leading companies. Seven Seas Entertainment has been producing high-quality manga for over ten years. Ninja Division was launched in 2011 and has risen to be one of the top game publishers in North America.

Launched in 2016, Shinobi 7 was formed to bring games to customers that are primarily based on licensed brands. The partnership combines Seven Seas’ know-how in license acquisition and curation with Ninja Division’s knowledge of top quality game design and production.

In Fall 2016, Shinobi 7 will release Space Dandy: Galactic Deck-Building Game, a deck-building style game that brings the bizarre space-faring antics of the hit Cartoon Network show, Space Dandy, to the game table! Future titles, launching in 2017, include other hit anime/manga properties such as Tokyo Ghoul, Spice and Wolf, and Strike Witches. Development has already started on these games, and they will be available for purchase in 2017.


Established in 2004, Seven Seas Entertainment is the top independent manga publisher in North America, specializing in bringing Japanese manga to English-speaking audiences, and producing original comics, graphic novels, and youth literature. Seven Seas publishes multiple bestselling series that regularly appear on the New York Times Manga Bestsellers list. Seven Seas is distributed by Tor/Macmillan. For more information, visit the publisher’s web site www.gomanga.com.


Ninja Division Publishing™, LLC produces and publishes high quality board games, card games, and charming hobby model miniatures for tabletops around the world. Ninja Division’s tabletop lineup includes beloved originals such as the ground-breaking, dungeon-dashing Super Dungeon®: Explore; the charming chibi-ninja battler, Ninja All-Stars®; the immersive and ever-expanding space war of Relic Knights®; and the forthcoming interstellar railway hold-up and heist, Rail Raiders Infinite™. Ninja Division also produces an array of licensed games including party favorites such as DeadFellas™, Angry Sheep™, DrunkQuest™, and the award winning family game, Luchador!™. With legions of fans around the world, Ninja Division supports league play and encourages both collaborative and competitive play in its community of gamers of all ages!

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